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$30/20/day 1st/2nd dog < ~30 lb; $35/$25/day spring break week and holiday weekends

Smaller dogs can vacation at pet sitter's home.  Pet sitter will maintain pet's regular schedule as much as possible while providing attention, walks, and frequent outside time in fenced yard (weather permitting).  A pre-visit is required to determine if this is a good fit for both your pet and sitter's pets and so that your pet is not left in an unfamiliar place when you leave for vacation.  Availability is limited, as we only take a few dogs at a time, and determined on a case-by-case basis. 

This option is for potty-trained well-behaved house dogs good with other dogs and preferably cats (no young puppies in chewing stage).  It is strongly encouraged to bring a crate for your pet.  While we would never put a dog who would be traumatized into a crate, there will be short periods of time when dogs are unsupervised.  A dog who has a crate and is comfortable staying inside for a short time should use the crate at a sitter's home, at least in the beginning.  On returning visits, well behaved dogs may be given run of the house, but for everyone's safety this should be determined by sitter after a dog has stayed at sitter's home.  If a dog ruins floors, furniture, or belongings, it may result in extra charges. 

Proof of vaccinations is required, and dogs should be current on flea prevention.

Pet Sitting in Pet's Home


Free…………………………………………Approximately 15-20 minutes

This complimentary meeting will be scheduled prior to first service.  You can describe your pet’s daily routine, show your sitter where the food and supplies are located, discuss details on caring for your pets, and provide 2 keys.  (Keys will be kept secure for future visits, unless specified otherwise--owner’s name or address will NOT be written on key tags for your protection.)


$18/visit in Kirkwood/Glendale, $20 in Des Peres...................20-30 Minutes

Visits to care for cats.  Includes feedings, litter box cleaning, play, and medication, if applicable.  Sitter cannot be responsible for administering medications for cats who are afraid of strangers and/or hide from visitors.

Cats usually require 1 visit per day unless needing twice a day medication.


$20/visit in Kirkwood* ..............................……………..….25-30 Minutes

Visits to care for dogs (or dogs plus cats).  Includes feedings, potty break & cleanup, play/walk, and medication, if applicable.  Dogs usually require 3 visits a day, and availability for this option is limited.  Dogs must be well mannered and not wary of visitors who come to the home.  No aggressive or watch dogs for everyone's safety.


$4/visit extra

LATE NOTICE REQUESTS (less than 5 days' notice)

$2/visit extra

*Dogs who require separate walks being provided will have an additional fee.   Feeding fish or other small animals is included at no extra charge.

Sitter availability is limited--advance notice is often required, especially around holidays. 

To reserve your dates or discuss boarding option, please call 314-805-0850 or email us.  New clients will be contacted to schedule a consultation.  Current clients can call/text or email to confirm availability.  Voicemail and email messages will generally be returned the same day or within 24 hours. Sitter will notify current clients in advance of unavailable dates.



Important Terms

Payment is due when service starts.  Any prepaid service not rendered due to notification of early return will be refunded in full.  You may leave payment at the home for sitter to pick up at the first visit. 


If your pet or home needs more time than a typical visit, it will be added as needed and billed to you.  Cleanup, watering a few plants, mail pickup, and other average tasks are included in base price, within reason, and as time permits.  More time consuming tasks can be requested and are $4-$6 extra per 15 minutes, depending on the task requested.


Two working keys are highly recommended for in home service.  If you request your keys returned at the last visit you will not be able to request additional visits if your return is delayed (unless code access is provided).  Code access is ok instead of keys, but remember sitter may not have access to provide service if there is a lock/battery failure or power outage.  Pickup of the key a second time does incur an additional $5 fee.


Late fee is 10% for any payments more than 30 days past due. 


Pets must be current on  flea prevention and rabies/routine vaccinations, including bordatella for the boarding option, and should be spayed or neutered.  Up-to-date proof of vaccinations is required for boarding.





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